• Hear From the Expert

    Listen as Peter Kohler, a member of the team that developed the Asset Management ISO Standards, provides insights into this important discipline. He covers the benefits to you and your business, and points out some of the Asset Management "myths".

  • Set your Foundation

    Complete this course to gain a strong basis for ongoing learning and development in the field of Asset Management.

  • Understand the Models

    Step through each of the 3 Asset Management Council's pictorial models to build your understanding of Asset Management from a Strategic, Tactical and Operational perspective (why, what & how).

Course curriculum

    1. AM Fundamentals_Inroduction

    1. What are Assets?

    2. What is Asset Management?

    3. Managing Assets vs Asset Management

    4. Introduction to the Asset Management Models

    5. Basics Quiz

    1. The Asset Management Concept Model

    2. The AM Concept Model: Plan, Do, Check, Act

    3. Why Are There Four Principles?

    4. Concept Model Quiz

    1. The Role and Value of Asset Management

    2. The Asset Management System

    3. Role & Value Quiz

    1. The Asset Management System Model

    2. The AM System Model: Stakeholders and Leadership

    3. The AM System Model: Objectives

    4. The AM System Model: Processes / Roles / Competencies

    5. The AM System Model: Decision Making

    6. The AM System Model: Risk Management

    7. The AM System Model: Performance Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

    8. AM Systems Model Quiz

    1. AM Capability Delivery Model: Demand Management

    2. AM Capability Delivery Model: Systems Engineering

    3. AM Capability Delivery Model: Acquisitions, Operations and Maintenance

    4. AM Capability Delivery Model: Continuous Improvement

    5. AM Capability Delivery Model: Disciplines

    6. Capability Delivery Model Quiz

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